Japanese Evangelical Theology

This section offers the English speaking world a glimpse of one Japanese publication: "Fundamentalism. Japan Evangelical Association Theological Commission Pamphlet 6" (May 2006). This publication by JEA (equivalent to the National Association of Evangelicals (US) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada) was a response to the American 9/11 tragedy of 2001. These pages provide an English translation of the publication, along with a few responses.
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The term “fundamentalism" is sometimes used in this Japanese publication to mean a way of thinking (lower case “f”) but is often used to mean all American evangelicals and fundamentalists. The publication is an attempt to distance Japanese evangelicals from American evangelicals and fundamentalists who in general are seen to take an unfortunate fundamentalist pro-war stance.

Interested? Read on, and experience some cross-cultural theology!

NOTE: These pages are linked on japanharvest.org, the online version of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association’s quarterly magazine.

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